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In addition to the concerns about bureaucracy out of control, inexpensive Cell Phone Spyware is available on the internet that makes it possible for anyone to do the same things the government can do. This Cell Phone Spyware allows anyone to have undetectable backdoor access to you or a loved ones GPS location, microphone, camera, text, email, stored information, etc.

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Endoacustica - At Least One Spyware Provider Openly Claims Phones Can Be Used To Eavesdrop Without The Battery.


Statement Below Is From Their Website

Eavesdropping without battery
Even when the battery is taken out, the spy phone is still able to pick up sounds around it and transmit them.
This function is only available for law enforcement agencies.

Statement Above Is From Their Website

This is only one of the many spyware providers on the internet.


Fox Ten News - It's not just the NSA, state and local authorities also use cell phones to track you without a warrant.


This country sure has changed a lot since I was a boy.

Total run time 1:55 Song (Our Christmas Jingle)


This is the Privacy song which aired from November 17th 2013 until December 31st 2013. Written by the President of P.R.I., this entire piece is the intellectual property of Privacy Research Inc. Voice over work and the performance of the jingle were provided by Ron Allen @ www.TheBigVoiceProductions.Com

Zero Hedge - Is The NSA Quartering “Digital” Troops Within Our Homes?

We have extensively documented that the U.S. government is trampling virtually every single Constitutional right set forth in the Bill of Rights.

One of the few rights which we thought the government still respects is the the 3rd Amendment, which prohibits the government forcing people to house troops:

"No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."

But security expert Jacob Appelbaum notes that the NSA may be digitally violating the 3rd Amendment.

By way of background, this week Appelbaum was the main force behind an expose in Spiegel – and gave a must-watch talk – on the NSA’s systemic offensive programs to commandeer computers and computer systems, phone connections and phone systems, and communications networks of all types.

Appelbaum shows that the NSA has literally taken over our computer and our phones, physically intercepting laptop shipments and installing bugware before themselves shipping the laptop on to the consumer, installing special hardware that overcomes all privacy attempts, including “air gaps” (i.e. keep a computer unplugged from the Internet). Appelbaum also notes that spyware can suck up a lot of system resources on a computer or smartphone.

And he says this is the digital equivalent of soldiers being stationed in our houses against our will:

The parallel might not be as far-fetched as it may seem at first …

The NSA itself says that it’s in the middle of a massive cyber war. As such, malware, physical spying devices and offensive internet workarounds are literally the main troops in the NSA’s offensive cyber army.

Quartering meant that Colonial Americans had:

  • No control over when the British troops came and went
  • No say in what resources they consumed
  • And no privacy even in their own castles

Similarly, mass NSA spying means that modern day Americans have:

  • No control over when military presence comes or goes from our computer and phones (NSA is part of the Department of Defense)
  • No say in what resources the spies suck up (remember, Applebaum says that spying can use a lot of resources and harm performance)
  • And no privacy even in the deepest inner sanctuary of our electronic home base

Colonial Americans lost the quiet use and enjoyment of their homes. Modern Americans are losing the quiet use and enjoyment of our digital homes because the NSA is stationing digital “troops” inside our computers and phones.

Just as the Colonists’ homes were no longer theirs … our computers and phones are no longer ours.

Zero Hedge - The Complete Guide To How The NSA Hacked Everything

Two days ago we observed the latest disclosure in the seemingly endless Snowden treasure trove of leaked NSA files, when Spiegel released the broad details of the NSA's Access Network Technology (ANT) catalog explaining how virtually every hardware architecture in the world has been hacked by the US superspies. We followed up with a close up of "Dropout Jeep" - the NSA's project codename for backdoor entry into every iPhone ever handed out to the Apple Borg collective (because it makes you look cool). Today, we step back from Apple and release the full ANT catalog showcasing the blueprints of how the NSA managed to insert a backdoor into virtually every piece of hardware known under the sun. And so, without further ado, here is the complete slidebook of how the NSA hacked, well, everything.

Nsa Ant Catalog

Economic Policy Journal - The NSA Has Nearly Complete Backdoor Capability to Access Apple's iPhone

Reports the Daily Dot:

The U.S. National Security Agency has the ability to snoop on nearly every communication sent from an Apple iPhone, according to leaked documents shared by security researcher Jacob Appelbaum and German news magazine Der Spiegel.

An NSA program called DROPOUTJEEP allows the agency to intercept SMS messages, access contact lists, locate a phone using cell tower data, and even activate the device’s microphone and camera.

According to leaked documents, the NSA claims a 100 percent success rate when it comes to implanting iOS devices with spyware. The documents suggest that the NSA needs physical access to a device to install the spyware—something the agency has achieved by rerouting shipments of devices purchased online—but a remote version of the exploit is also in the works.
Appelbaum says that presents one of two possibilities:
“Either [the NSA] have a huge collection of exploits that work against Apple products, meaning they are hoarding information about critical systems that American companies produce, and sabotaging them, or Apple sabotaged it themselves,” Appelbaum said at the Chaos Communication Conference in Hamburg, Germany.
(ht Micah Armantrout)

NY Times - N.S.A. Dragnet Included Allies, Aid Groups and Business Elite

Secret documents reveal more than 1,000 targets of American and British surveillance in recent years, including the office of an Israeli prime minister, heads of international aid organizations, foreign energy companies and a European Union official involved in antitrust battles with American technology businesses.

While the names of some political and diplomatic leaders have previously emerged as targets, the newly disclosed intelligence documents provide a much fuller portrait of the spies’ sweeping interests in more than 60 countries.

Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, working closely with the National Security Agency, monitored the communications of senior European Union officials, foreign leaders including African heads of state and sometimes their family members, directors of United Nations and other relief programs, and officials overseeing oil and finance ministries, according to the documents. In addition to Israel, some targets involved close allies like France and Germany, where tensions have already erupted over recent revelations about spying by the N.S.A.

The - the National Security Agency is tracking billions of cellphones’ location data around the world

A new report reveals the National Security Agency is tracking billions of cellphones’ location data around the world, confirming the fears of privacy advocates that such information could be used to map relationships among people based on their movements.

cellphone location

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that top-secret documents leaked by admitted whistleblower Edward Snowden show the NSA collects 5 billion records each day on cellphones worldwide. Although the agency is only legally allowed to target international cellphones without a warrant, it “incidentally” is getting its hands on domestic data as well. Data collected also includes that of Americans who travel abroad, the Post reported of an NSA official speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Washington Post - NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show

"The National Security Agency is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world, according to top-secret documents and interviews with U.S. intelligence officials, enabling the agency to track the movements of individuals — and map their relationships — in ways that would have been previously unimaginable.

The records feed a vast database that stores information about the locations of at least hundreds of millions of devices, according to the officials and the documents, which were provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. New projects created to analyze that data have provided the intelligence community with what amounts to a mass surveillance tool." - Source Washington Post

WPXI – Spyware purchased over the internet allows ANYONE to listen to your conversations even when your phone is turned off.


2:00 into the report, CMU Professor Priya Narasimhan demonstrates that even though the phone is turned off, it can still be used to eavesdrop on its user. 



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