PrivacyCase for Motorola

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The PrivacyCase is a protective hard case which uses proven military grade electromagnetic shielding technology to prevent your phone from being tracked or used as a real time eavesdropping device. In addition to being electronically shielded, the PrivacyCase is highly water resistant, extremely durable and provides superior impact protection to today’s modern fragile devices.


  • Proven military grade electromagnetic shielding technology.
  • Independent laboratory testing has proven up to 93db of actual shielding effectiveness.
  • Blocks signal transmissions to and from your wireless device.
  • Blocks cellular and GPS tracking signals
  • Prevents remote activation as well as real-time tracking and eavesdropping. 
  • Your device will automatically re-acquire its network when removed from the case.
  • Incoming phone calls, text messages, voice mail notifications and emails are sent by your service provider after your phone is removed from the case and the network is re-acquired.  
  • Designed to work with most phone cases.
  • Water Resistant
  • Impact Protection
  • Domestic and International Patent Pending
  • Made in The United States of America
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

There are literally thousands of phones made by dozens of manufacturers and sold by service providers around the world under different names. If you don’t see your phone on the list and you would like a PrivacyCase for your phone, please don’t hesitate to just reach out and contact us, we're here to help. 888.783.5502

More case sizes, colors, skins, accessories and designs coming soon.



If you require constant connectivity, just keep your cellular phone inside the PrivacyCase to guard against audio/video surveillance, location tracking, hacking and remote activation. Meanwhile you can still maintain that crucial connection to the outside world with one of our one-way alphanumeric pagers. Our one-way alphanumeric pagers receive and display text and email messages, telephone numbers and numeric codes allowing you to maintain connectivity. 
One-way pagers do not transmit, they have no microphone, camera or GPS to track and they are receive-only devices (just like an AM/FM radio). When you combine one way alphanumeric paging with the PrivacyCase, you regain control over your personal sphere of privacy while still keeping connected* to the outside world. Our alphanumeric pagers use a AA or AAA battery as a power source and because they don't broadcast, the battery life is typically one to three months, depending on usage. 
Once you receive your pager all that is needed is to add "if this matter is urgent, please page me at _____________" to the outgoing voice mail message for your cellular phone and you are ready to go. (Your pagers address for text and email messaging will be included with your order)
Multiple price ranges, including NATIONAL ($$$), REGIONAL($$) or STATE($) coverage options. Paging coverage should be selected based on where you intend to use it the most. If you only intend to use it in your home territory, state coverage may be the best choice for you. If you travel a lot, you should look into regional or national coverage. 
*Messages and information sent to pagers are not protected by encryption.

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