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So you're using the PrivacyCase to stop real-time audio/video surveillance, location tracking, hacking and identity theft, but what if you have to stay connected for business, in case of an emergency or for personal reasons? We've got you covered there too.

One-way alphanumeric pagers receive and display text and email messages*, telephone numbers and numeric codes, but they do not transmit, they have no microphone, camera or GPS to track; they are receive-only devices (just like an AM/FM radio). Once you receive your pager all you need to do is add "if this matter is urgent please text, email, or page me at _____________" to the outgoing voice mail message for your cellular phone and you are ready to go. 

Paging coverage should be selected based on where you intend to use it the most. If you only intend to use it in your home territory, State($) coverage may be the best choice for you. If you travel a lot, you should look into Regional($$) or National($$$) coverage. (See coverage maps and information below)

*We advise against sending sensitive information to any wireless device, because you never know who may be listening.

We encourage you to do your own search for stories of compromised encryption standards, back doors and surveillance tools built into the technology we use every day if you require further information on the matter.

While we support those keeping us all safe, the fact that these back doors exist at all means anyone can use them; not just the good guys.

(We certainly didn't make the world this way, we're just trying to help you navigate your way through it.)

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