PRI - Privacy Research Inc. offers a cutting-edge solution called PrivacyCase to address growing threats to sensitive information and communication devices. The PrivacyCase technology has been rigorously tested and verified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory and an electronic warfare expert to ensure its effectiveness in protecting sensitive information. Independent studies have shown the PrivacyCase to be a superior solution to protect against RF signals and unauthorized access to a mobile devices' microphone, camera, GPS location and stored data.

PRI is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for sensitive information, and is constantly working to expand its offerings, currently developing solutions for land, sea, air and space operations, ensuring that wherever you are, you are always secure.

We encourage you to take the necessary steps in acquiring our technology to protect the mobile devices, electronics and communications equipment used by your organization. Trust in the technology that has been rigorously tested and independently verified by experts in the field to provide the highest level of protection.

Contact PRI - Privacy Research Inc., to learn more about how the PrivacyCase technologies can secure your organization and begin the acquisition process.

Please direct all inquiries to PRI - Privacy Research Inc.



 Independently tested by MET Laboratories: A leading independent electrical testing and certification lab.

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