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Q. How do I find a case?

A. Finding the right case is a simple 4-step process:

  1. Determine the maker of your phone. Your phone's manufacturer could be Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Huawei, Casio, Blackberry, Kyocera, and more. If you don't know, look for a logo on the phone or, restart your phone and examine the boot-up screen for a brand logo.
  2. Examine our catalog of products. Once you've found the manufacturer's name, find their match on the products page, click on it, and you're ready to start looking for a case that fits your mood and style.
  3. On the product page for the maker of your phone you'll find a dropdown list asking for the specific model of phone you have. If you don't know, you can either find this on your phone, in your phone's settings page, on the box your phone came in, or perhaps online through your cellphone provider's account page. Choose from the list and pick your style of case!
  4. When you're ready to checkout, just click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button and follow the prompts. Need help? Call us at 888-783-5502.
Q. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note, do you make a case for it?
A. We are listening to the owners of Galaxy Note devices and we are working on a product for your device.

Q. I have a iPhone with an Otterbox Defender case on it, what case do I choose?
A. The largest Otterbox product for iPhones we can currently accommodate is the Commuter Series. We are working on additional sizes, but they wont be available until later this year.

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