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The world has become a very different place over the last decade-plus. The world’s media services are now filled with endless stories about cell phones being used for spying, stalking, and eavesdropping.

The truth is, your phone was vulnerable long before it ever touched the store shelf. "Back doors" were built into the software and hardware for law enforcement and network maintenance use. It is those "security holes" that now make it possible to have undetectable real-time access to your phone’s microphone, camera, GPS, etc. -- even when you believe your phone is turned off.

The good news is that there is a solution to this problem and its called PrivacyCase.

The PrivacyCase is precision-manufactured in the United States using proven military-grade shielding technology to give you the ability to block these intrusions. By controlling when and where your phone can send and receive information, the PrivacyCase prevents GPS location-tracking and Real-time audio/video eavesdropping.

The PrivacyCase has been independently tested by MET Laboratories and has proven to provide up to 109dB of actual shielding effectiveness.

Compare this to the soft cases which have had their products independently tested and whose published results show that the best shielding effectiveness they have been able to achieve is 62dB. Several other soft cases claim effectiveness based on the materials used and not the actual product they end up making out of those materials; there is a big difference. We tested some of these soft cases along side the PrivacyCase in the real world and posted the results here.

The PrivacyCase has been independently tested by MET Laboratories and has proven to provide up to 109dB of actual shielding effectiveness.



 Independently tested by MET Laboratories: A leading independent electrical testing and certification lab.


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